What is Financial Planning?

A comprehensive written financial plan is more than a few fancy graphs to get you to buy a financial product.  Maybe you have had someone do one for you before.  If it was only a few pages, it probably wasn't a real plan!  A comprehensive written financial plan will usually contain at least six components: Your Current Financial Position, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance Planning and Estate Planning.

While you may really need to focus on only several of these areas at any one point in time, over the course of your financial life, you will probably need to focus on all of these.  A written plan is meant to be a dynamic process which will in fact change over time.  You are not the same today financially as you were 5 years ago.  It should be reviewed and updated annually. If you had a plan done and it is more than two years old, much of the plan may in fact be out of synch with your current situation.